About Us

JCA is an international people development and business psychology consultancy with a successful track record in improving business outcomes through transformational people development solutions.

How we are different

We believe that Emotional Intelligence is key to realising human potential and sustaining high performance at work. Our robust, scientifically proven Emotional Intelligence assessments are based on more than 12 years of applied research and development. Our methodologies and solutions incorporate the latest insights in people development and neuropsychology. We are experts in applying Emotional Intelligence to improve business outcomes and making change stick.

What we do

With a clear focus on quality and customer relationships, we provide integrated people development, assessment and employability solutions.

How we do it

Through transformational development and consultancy solutions, we help our customers succeed and grow by improving the performance, engagement and well-being of individuals, teams and organisations. Drawing upon world class training, a unique product portfolio and the latest software solutions, our customers benefit from cost effective, tailored and integrated solutions.

Our track record

Our breadth of experience across sectors and industries such as Energy, Financial Services, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Health enables us to add insights from a wide variety of sources. Our track record spans more than two decades and we’re proud to be a client focused, values-led organisation that is passionate about making development accessible to all.