Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is how somebody manages themselves to be both personally and interpersonally effective. Developing EI is the key to improving performance, leading efficiently and increasing productivity.

“Managers trained in EI deliver twice the profit than those who are not.”

“80% of employees working in a negative leadership climate are disengaged.”

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Improving EI within your company puts your business on the fast-track to success. Emotional Intelligence occurs when we learn how to manage our emotions to be personally and interpersonally effective. Developing EI creates awareness and understanding amongst staff and improves self-management and team relationships.

Emotional Intelligence is a combination of attitudes, habits and skills which can be honed and enhanced – everybody can develop EI, it just takes practice.

Managers trained in EI deliver twice the profit than those who are not; when you equip your leaders with essential EI skills you can increase happiness and efficiency throughout your business. We can help your leaders identify patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour that contribute to a healthy work environment and improved team culture.

Workshop: Understanding and developing Emotional Intelligence

Our one-day workshop is tailored to your company’s needs and values. You will gain an in-depth understanding of Emotional Intelligence and see why it is the key to improving the performance of your team. Discover why it is necessary for our health, safety and well-being in the workplace, and how you can use Emotional Intelligence to set goals and measure staff development.

With a programme delivered in-house specifically to your people, we can help them learn how to manage emotions effectively – this is the key to building a successful, motivated team and promoting an engaging and empathetic work environment.

Each person receives a personal report on their strengths and EI development areas at the end of the workshop.

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“67% of competencies essential to effective leadership are EI related.”

Managing and leading with EI

Globally, a shocking 71% of employees are not engaged in their work. However, companies whose leaders are high in Emotional Intelligence are four times more likely to have engaged employees – their staff are also more able to adapt and cope with change and are better at collaboration and innovation. Your leaders’ behaviour can have a direct impact on employee stress and performance and leaders who are low in EI can directly demotivate and disengage their teams.

Emotionally intelligent leaders are empathetic and motivating, they understand their team’s strengths and weaknesses and encourage success.

Managing and leading with EI is crucial in getting the best out of your team and creating a physically and emotionally healthy working climate. We can show you how to lead successfully with EI and provide you with the strategies you need to manage your relationships and responsibilities effectively.

Workshop: Advanced EI for emerging and existing managers/leaders

Our managing with Emotional Intelligence and Leading with EI workshops take a deeper approach in examining the impact of leaders within your company and how their actions affect the productivity and results of your team. Learning to lead with EI positively changes the climate your staff perform within by improving your understanding and awareness of others.

With this tailored in-house programme you can explore how managing with Emotional Intelligence affects engagement and understand what people require on a day to day basis to perform at their best.

Both courses are available as a 1 day workshop for participants that have attended the Introduction to EI workshop, or a 1.5 day workshop for those that have not attended Introduction to EI. Each person receives a personal, in-depth report on their score on sixteen different aspects of Emotional Intelligence at the end of the workshop.

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“Executives with high levels of EI are 32% more effective at building and maintaining relationships.”

“Executives are 60% more likely to derail for reasons of low EI than any other, the most likely being insensitivity.”

Leadership Climate Indicator

When your leaders create a positive emotional tone or climate at work, you reap the benefits as a business. Understanding the impact of “how does it feel to work for you?” is crucial in producing and maintaining a healthy, engaged and motivated staff. By measuring leadership climate your business managers can see how their current behaviour is perceived and the impact this has on those following them.

The Leadership Climate Indicator (LCI) provides rich strategic insights into the tone being set by your leaders. It enables you to track development, benchmark and compare, and build a positive leadership environment.

Each person receives a personal report on their strengths as a leader and development areas on completion.

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EI 360

Distorted or inaccurate self-awareness is one of the biggest barriers to personal development and effective working relationships. Receiving meaningful feedback from other people is one of the most effective methods for enabling personal development and behavioural change.

A 360 degree feedback questionnaire can provide deep insight into your company’s strengths whilst also uncovering blind spots and areas for development. Our 360 degree questionnaire helps your leaders increase their individual self-awareness and realise the impact they have on the people they work with. We can help you understand this feedback and use it to develop improvement strategies across your organisation.

Each person receives a personal report which evaluates perceptions of their personal and interpersonal effectiveness on completion.

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Sample report

“Altered State’s WorkSmart programme has proved to be essential to our business. It sets our people up for success; to be efficient, productive and equips them with the tools and skills they need to achieve their professional goals.”

“Altered State have provided our team with some great personal development focussed on Emotional Intelligence, we’re looking forward to continue this journey with them”.

Lydia Docking, Owner, Vero Fitness

“I am really pleased with how you engaged the team, I believe the way you pitched the workshop was brilliant and as discussed I am really keen to revisit this because I believe we have set a platform to implement, monitor & systemise planning activities, which I am very hopeful over a period of time will show up a lot of opportunities to increase efficiency”.

Greg Stuart, Regional Manager, Competenz

“I got a lot from the workshop and my work is now beginning to reflect the changes I’m making… it’s a process. You are a very natural facilitator and that showed through. I found it very easy to take part in your workshop“.

Mike Bailey, HRM, Health Alliance

“I wanted to say a huge thank for all your encouragement and valuable tools I gained during the two workshops I attended this week. Thank you both again for being a positive influence in my life, people such as you enrich my life and for that I am very grateful”.

Zaq Newport, Whangarei Hospital


At Altered State, we believe that a happy company is a productive company. We base our practices on Emotional Intelligence, what we believe is the key to unlocking your most motivated, productive and efficient staff yet. Get in touch to find out more about our workshops and courses.