Craig Chappell

Craig has a strong background providing change focussed training solutions for major corporates in the UK & NZ. He is a qualified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychological Type and Emotional Intelligence and uses these as the foundation for his workshops and 1-1 coaching.

Nick Read

Nick’s focus is always to improve the performance of an organisation by supporting and resourcing its people to improve themselves. His studies of adult learning processes, such as accelerated learning and Neuro-linguistic Programming make his interactions with people particularly effective.

Denise Overend-Clarke

Denise brings a wealth of experience in leadership development, emotional intelligence, and coaching. Designing and facilitating workshops since 1999, Denise has gained a reputation for her ability to communicate ideas clearly and effectively. Her style is dynamic and interactive as she encourages participants to engage in their learning.

Graham Shaw

An experienced sales and marketing professional with a degree in commerce form Western Sydney University, Graham has worked with some of Australia’s largest brands. Graham’s passion for organisational development came about as a result of observing the challenges faced by organisations. In particular setting and meeting KPIs that provide value to the business unit and the overall strategy and linking values to actions to create a competitive advantage through organisational culture. Graham’s passion for organisational learning has led him to further his own development and provide even greater value to his clients. He is currently studying Organisational Psychology with a view to becoming a registered Psychologist.

Annette Ryan

Annette is passionate about people and about business. She’ll have her finger on the pulse – of the organisation – and of each individual within the programme.Annette knows business inside out. She combines her practical skills, academic learning and management practice experience to challenge the concepts of best business practice. Annette has transitioned from CEO and owner of her own businesses to trusted advisor enriched by the knowledge of human behaviour. “I help people achieve the results their strategy aims for”.


Clint Rahe


Clint is a multi-dimensional leadership development consultant with over 15 years’ experience in a diverse range of areas, he has worked with a variety of organisations to enhance their leadership capability transforming individual performance.  He has spent 12 years’ service in the Royal Air Force in which he trained and developed leaders focussing on individual leadership giving people a practical experience to develop individually and identify how they contribute to form a cohesive team.