Take your communication skills to the next level

Learn the essential skills needed to improve your communication with others, build rapport and trust with your team and understand the power of non-verbal communication.

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Every interaction counts

Open and clear communication is the foundation of trust, understanding and team work. We’ve been communicating all of our lives but how often do we stop and look at how we do it? What if some subtle changes could make our interactions with others even better and we could feel the benefits throughout our business?

Learning to listen

“The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand – we listen to reply” Feeling that you aren’t being heard is frustrating and can build resentment amongst staff. When communication channels break down huge problems can occur. Let us show you how to maintain rapport with your team, even during a conflict or disagreement.

Communication and Neurolinguistics

Being a great communicator is about much more than the words we use. So much is communicated non-verbally, through our tone of voice and body language. By understanding neurolinguistics, Altered State can show you how to connect both aspects.

This half-day workshop covers the key aspects of communication and neurolinguistics. We’re committed to helping you and your staff communicate efficiently and effectively, ultimately improving performance and job satisfaction.

Key Objectives

• Understanding Neurolinguistic Programming

• Establish understanding quickly and easily

• Gain trust with individuals and groups

• Maintain rapport – even during negotiations or conflict

• Pay attention to body language, tone of voice and words used

• Pace and lead conversations and negotiations

• Constructively influence decision makers

• Master the art of values elicitation

• Understand the power of our non-verbal communication

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Improved happiness

When your staff feel like they are being listened to and heard they feel respected and valued

Build trust quickly

By improving your communication techniques you can form strong relationships fast

Lead by example

Set the right standard of communication for your company to follow

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We recommend groups of 12-15.

Emotional Intelligence is how somebody manages their personality to be both personally and interpersonally effective. It means having positive self-regard, being self-aware and managing your behaviour effectively, as well as possessing a positive regard for others and managing your relationships effectively.

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“Altered State’s WorkSmart programme has proved to be essential to our business. It sets our people up for success; to be efficient, productive and equips them with the tools and skills they need to achieve their professional goals.”

“Altered State have provided our team with some great personal development focussed on Emotional Intelligence, we’re looking forward to continue this journey with them”.

Lydia Docking, Owner, Vero Fitness

“I am really pleased with how you engaged the team, I believe the way you pitched the workshop was brilliant and as discussed I am really keen to revisit this because I believe we have set a platform to implement, monitor & systemise planning activities, which I am very hopeful over a period of time will show up a lot of opportunities to increase efficiency”.

Greg Stuart, Regional Manager, Competenz

“I got a lot from the workshop and my work is now beginning to reflect the changes I’m making… it’s a process. You are a very natural facilitator and that showed through. I found it very easy to take part in your workshop“.

Mike Bailey, HRM, Health Alliance

“I wanted to say a huge thank for all your encouragement and valuable tools I gained during the two workshops I attended this week. Thank you both again for being a positive influence in my life, people such as you enrich my life and for that I am very grateful”.

Zaq Newport, Whangarei Hospital


At Altered State, we believe that a happy company is a productive company. We base our practices on Emotional Intelligence, what we believe is the key to unlocking your most motivated, productive and efficient staff yet. Get in touch to find out more about our workshops and courses.


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