Getting it write

Being able to write expressively, accurately and clearly is an essential business skill. Let Altered State help you improve and finesse your business and report writing with this Productivity+ workshop.

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Setting the standard

Not everybody finds it easy to get their words onto a page. By learning a structured and formulaic approach to writing, you can reflect your company’s values whilst producing professional and easy to understand copy.

The right first impression

In today’s electronic world, it is vitally important to be able to write clearly and quickly. Wording something wrong or sending out incorrect information can affect how you are viewed by both your staff and your clients.

Getting it write

Our comprehensive Productivity+ workshop will ensure you improve your business and report writing skills. This is an opportunity for you to understand why communicating in writing can be difficult and to learn tools, techniques and ideas to help you write more quickly and effectively.

We can help you make life easier on yourself and your reader. By understanding the principles of good communication and learning how to format your thoughts first before putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) you can make sure all written information that leaves your company is putting across the right impression of your company.

Build confidence in yourself as a writer with our tailored workshop. Practise writing using pre-set templates and examples drawn from your own workplace, and follow up by submitting a writing sample post-workshop for e-coaching and assessment. Deal with your writing issues today and your business will benefit.

Key Objectives

• Make sure everything you write reflects your organisation’s standards of excellence

• Improve your composition and structure

• Proofing and grammar tips

• Use templates for speed, clarity and consistency

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Save time

Produce succinct and high value documents quickly

Increase productivity

Proven skills to reduce the need for multiple drafts or amendments by others

Master all mediums

Improve everything from board reports and research papers to email communication

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The workshop runs between 8.30am and 4.30pm.

We recommend groups of 12-15.

Emotional Intelligence is how somebody manages their personality to be both personally and interpersonally effective. It means having positive self-regard, being self-aware and managing your behaviour effectively, as well as possessing a positive regard for others and managing your relationships effectively.

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“Altered State’s WorkSmart programme has proved to be essential to our business. It sets our people up for success; to be efficient, productive and equips them with the tools and skills they need to achieve their professional goals.”

“Altered State have provided our team with some great personal development focussed on Emotional Intelligence, we’re looking forward to continue this journey with them”.

Lydia Docking, Owner, Vero Fitness

“I am really pleased with how you engaged the team, I believe the way you pitched the workshop was brilliant and as discussed I am really keen to revisit this because I believe we have set a platform to implement, monitor & systemise planning activities, which I am very hopeful over a period of time will show up a lot of opportunities to increase efficiency”.

Greg Stuart, Regional Manager, Competenz

“I got a lot from the workshop and my work is now beginning to reflect the changes I’m making… it’s a process. You are a very natural facilitator and that showed through. I found it very easy to take part in your workshop“.

Mike Bailey, HRM, Health Alliance

“I wanted to say a huge thank for all your encouragement and valuable tools I gained during the two workshops I attended this week. Thank you both again for being a positive influence in my life, people such as you enrich my life and for that I am very grateful”.

Zaq Newport, Whangarei Hospital


At Altered State, we believe that a happy company is a productive company. We base our practices on Emotional Intelligence, what we believe is the key to unlocking your most motivated, productive and efficient staff yet. Get in touch to find out more about our workshops and courses.


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