Effective Time Management

Learn how to refine your processes, master your email, plan and deliver your workload KPI’s, set goals, nail them, and reduce the time it takes to do it all with our Productivity+ workshop.

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A fresh approach

We all have times where we don’t know where to turn our attention or what to focus on next. Learn some effective time management techniques to identify what makes us perform at our best and how this makes us feel.

Break bad habits

Poor time management can be due to entrenched bad habits, information overload, poor planning skills, lack of awareness of new tools available, or even the pressure we put upon ourselves. Prevent your staff from feeling overwhelmed before there is a drop in motivation.

Workload Planning

It was the Roman poet, Horace, that coined the term Carpe Diem, meaning Seize the Day. This inspiring phrase is what most diligent people aim for each day, trying to be productive and getting the most out of their time. But with the best will in the world the reality can be quite different, who hasn’t sat at their desk on Friday at 5pm thinking “where did my week go?

Our Productivity+ workshops are driven by EI’s core attitudes of self awareness and awareness of others. In order to gain greater control of your workload it is essential to develop an understanding of when we get stressed and how this affects those around us. Altered State provide the tools to manage our emotions and our time better.

Our Productivity+ workshops integrate and build on your vision and values, and cover topics from email and calendar management to workload and project planning, increased awareness of your impact on others and yourself and how to get the best from yourself and others. Time management is an oxymoron. We have no control over time. Self, workload and priority management are the solution to maximising the time we have each day.

Key Objectives

• Increased workload control of all aspects of your role

• Higher productivity

• Meeting and exceeding KPIs

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Increase employee engagement

Learn how and when you perform at your peak and keep your team inspired

High performing teams

Improve productivity and enjoy job satisfaction

Better results/less stress

Increase self awareness and encourage behavioural change

Companies we’ve helped

Frequently asked questions

We recommend a maximum group size of 10 for this workshop.

The workshop runs between 8.30am and 4.30pm.

Emotional Intelligence is how somebody manages their personality to be both personally and interpersonally effective. It means having positive self-regard, being self-aware and managing your behaviour effectively, as well as possessing a positive regard for others and managing your relationships effectively.

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“Altered State’s WorkSmart programme has proved to be essential to our business. It sets our people up for success; to be efficient, productive and equips them with the tools and skills they need to achieve their professional goals.”

“Altered State have provided our team with some great personal development focussed on Emotional Intelligence, we’re looking forward to continue this journey with them”.

Lydia Docking, Owner, Vero Fitness

“I am really pleased with how you engaged the team, I believe the way you pitched the workshop was brilliant and as discussed I am really keen to revisit this because I believe we have set a platform to implement, monitor & systemise planning activities, which I am very hopeful over a period of time will show up a lot of opportunities to increase efficiency”.

Greg Stuart, Regional Manager, Competenz

“I got a lot from the workshop and my work is now beginning to reflect the changes I’m making… it’s a process. You are a very natural facilitator and that showed through. I found it very easy to take part in your workshop“.

Mike Bailey, HRM, Health Alliance

“I wanted to say a huge thank for all your encouragement and valuable tools I gained during the two workshops I attended this week. Thank you both again for being a positive influence in my life, people such as you enrich my life and for that I am very grateful”.

Zaq Newport, Whangarei Hospital


At Altered State, we believe that a happy company is a productive company. We base our practices on Emotional Intelligence, what we believe is the key to unlocking your most motivated, productive and efficient staff yet. Get in touch to find out more about our workshops and courses.


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