Our Workshops

Altered State are specialists in Emotional Intelligence (EI)

We are Australasia’s only licence holder of the JCA Global® suite of EI tools. Our tailored workshops and coaching are designed to further develop senior leaders, and provide essential skills for your emerging talent. We also facilitate team EI workshops. Teams high in EI are proven to deliver better outcomes. We also offer EI focussed 360 Review tools and EI driven Leadership Climate Surveys.

Workload Planning

Our WorkSmart workshops are based upon the work of leaders in the field of effectiveness and productivity. Let us help you refine your processes, master your email, plan and deliver your workload KPI’s, set goals (nail them) and reduce the time it takes to do it all.

Leading Your Team

This course deals with the key issues of understanding the people you work with, and how to communicate effectively with them. It offers essential skills for communicating, leading, motivating and dealing with issues.

Power Reading

If the information explosion makes you want to run for cover, then power reading is for you. This system helps you get through your business reading in a fraction of the time it does now. And you won’t just read more efficiently – you’ll read with greater understanding and retention.

Getting it Write!

Being able to write expressively, accurately, and above all understandably, is a key requirement we all need today. But writing is not something that comes easily to all of us. This 2 day programme covers the fundamentals of good business and report writing.